Kendra Streeter

Broker Associate

Kendra Streeter brings a refreshing candidness and a unique merging of talents to the process of buying, selling or leasing commercial real estate properties. She's a warm, motivated, and highly knowledgeable professional whose insights come from her many successes as a Commercial Real Estate Attorney, making her exceptional among commercial real estate brokers.

Kendra has been a real estate attorney since graduating from the University Of Oklahoma School Of Law in 2003.  She acquired her Oklahoma real estate license in 2020 and became a broker in 2022.

Kendra’s unique skill set has led to outcomes exceeding client expectations. Her achievements as a broker mirror the success she enjoyed in her previous career as a real estate attorney, helping create some of OKC’s most recognizable and landscape changing developments.

Her legal background and well-rounded experience uncovers issues in the beginning of the transaction before they become problems. This allows her to create value by decreasing liabilities and limiting exposures while increasing owner and tenant satisfaction with her intricate, yet practical knowledge of contracts.

She loves helping buyers and sellers narrow choices by giving clear and concise guidance, leading all parties to better understand the entire process. She finds real joy in knowing she has connected a client with a space that will help their business thrive or invest in an asset that will help fuel their portfolio's growth.  

Kendra is diligent and resourceful, and she thrives under the pressure of high-stakes challenges while bringing humor and approachability to the process of buying, selling or leasing a property. Her goal is to provide an experience that creates a relationship with the client lasting well beyond the initial transaction. She strives to become a trusted real estate advisor to the client for life.

She is an exceptional ally to the busy working professional and business owner as she understands the hard work and communication it takes to balance exceptional client service with her own commitment to family and community.

Kendra is passionate aboutrunning and raising her two children to be strong, compassionate, hard-working humans.

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