Fleske Commercial Group, a skilled team of commercial real estate experts, excels in delivering outstanding service to our investors, clients, and tenants. We specialize in understanding and fulfilling their unique needs. Our collaborative approach enables us to provide transparent, all-inclusive services, from detailed market analysis to full-scale property and portfolio management. We are committed to earning your trust and finding the perfect match for your business objectives.



Being leaders in market analysis and commercial real estate trends, our team of experts can identify and envision the highest and best use for an unused land project or the redevelopment of a previously built project.

We have worked hard to develop positive relationships with construction and engineering firms across Oklahoma City, along with city governments that help us transform these projects into developments that benefit the investor, the community, and the end user.

Development can be complicated and is usually dominated by a few wealthy players in the commercial real estate field. We have simplified the process, leveraged our relationships, and opened these long-term, lucrative investments up to our clients.

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Investment Management

Our investment management services are rooted in a deep understanding of our investors' goals and visions, guiding us to pinpoint optimal opportunities in commercial real estate. This insight fosters lasting relationships and presents tailored investment opportunities, empowering you to build a lasting legacy. We consistently evaluate and adapt to our investors' portfolio needs, ensuring balanced and sustainable growth throughout the entire investment life cycle. Maintaining open and transparent communication is paramount, ensuring you are informed and engaged throughout your investment journey with us.

Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

Our brokerage team is committed to prioritizing the best interests of our clients in commercial real estate. Whether you are embarking on your first lease or you are scaling your business, our team of brokers will be your most enthusiastic advocates. We go beyond our extensive listing inventory to find the property that perfectly matches your needs.

Engage our team for leasing or selling your property, and benefit from our comprehensive resources aimed at achieving our occupancy and sales goals. Our marketing approach is diverse, blending innovative syndication and lead-generation tactics with traditional methods such as canvassing, cold calling, and networking.

As your trusted real estate advisors, we're committed to being by your side, equipping you with the necessary insights, advice, and support to reach your business's key milestones. Focus on your core operations while we work diligently to turn your real estate vision into reality.

Property Management

Touchstone Management specializes in the exclusive management of commercial real estate assets within our investment portfolio. This singular focus enables us to be unwaveringly dedicated to preserving and enhancing the value of these assets. We accomplish this by fostering positive, long-term relationships with tenants and vendors, while consistently investing in resources and technology to deliver the utmost efficiency and the highest standard of service and accountability. Our team wholeheartedly embraces a philosophy of treating each asset as if we personally owned it.

Design + Build

Phase One Design is a comprehensive design and build firm that provides a range of services. This distinct proposition brings numerous advantages to our clients and investors. By having an in-house resource of this nature, we are able to swiftly and effectively implement design and construction modifications. Our development and management team collaborates closely with Phase One from the initial stages of Master Planning to the ongoing management of the asset throughout its life cycle.

Commercial Real Estate Development

Our land development team prioritizes identifying the highest and best use of properties, allowing us to achieve exceptional returns for real estate users, partners, and investors, while mitigating risks. Our portfolio serves as a compelling testament to our diverse range of offerings, encompassing new construction projects such as office parks, industrial parks, and retail centers, as well as the meticulous redevelopment of historic buildings. We take great pride in creating positive impacts within the communities we serve, and we rely on this principle to guide our projects.

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