Lauren Beausoleil

Staff Accountant

Lauren Beausoleil brings a fresh perspective to the world of commercial real estate as a dedicated Staff Accountant. Her commitment to excellence and innovative problem-solving make her a valuable asset to the financial operations of our firm.  Lauren holds a wealth of experience garnered from 8 years in the payroll industry and 5 years in Accounting, specifically in reconciling benefit accounts.

Her expertise and attention to detail make her an essential part of the team, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in financial processes. Her keen analytical skills and proficiency in Excel have proven instrumental in streamlining financial workflows and ensuring the highest standards of quality.

Professionally, Lauren is most passionate about harnessing the full potential of Excel to optimize processes. Her commitment to making operations more efficient without compromising quality underscores her dedication to driving success in the realm of commercial real estate finance.

Beyond her financial prowess, Lauren has a creative side, indulging in hobbies such as cross-stitching and a passion for video games and movies. These interests reflect her well-rounded nature and her ability to balance analytical rigor with a creative mindset.

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